100 days of Labor-Greens broken promises


Today marks 100 days since the election. Despite the commitments from Labor and the Greens that things would be different, we’ve seen the same old failures and broken promises, Opposition Whip Jeremy Hanson said today.

In the past 100 days alone, we’ve seen:

“Canberrans were promised a brave new world under this new Labor-Greens Government, instead we have more broken promises, more rate increases, more health and education failures, more budget blowouts and a Government that struggles to cut the grass and collect the bins,” Mr Hanson said.

“If the first 100 days is anything to go by, the next four years are going to leave even more Canberrans behind, despite record high tax revenue.

“The Canberra Liberals will robustly hold the Government to account and highlight these repeated failures so that every Canberran knows exactly how they are being let down by the Labor-Greens Government,” Mr Hanson concluded.