Labor’s broken promise leaves 60,000 households worse off


Despite Labor and the Greens’ clear commitments before the election that there would be a rates freeze, and thousands of personal letters from Mr Barr during the election campaign to Canberrans claiming there was no rates increase, it has been today confirmed that 60,295 households have been slapped with a rates increase this year.

Mr Barr said in June before the election that rates would not increase for the majority of households. According to the Canberra Times, Mr Barr’s office initially said that 18,000 properties would receive a rates increase. It is now revealed that 60,295 households received a rates increase.

“It’s been less than 100 days since the election and this is just the latest broken promise from Labor and the Greens,” Ms Lee said.

“Hospital upgrades are delayed, stage two of Light Rail is behind, we’re told major infrastructure commitments may not proceed and now households are being directly hit by further rates increases.

"A rates hike for over 60,000 households is radically more than was disclosed before the election.

"The Liberals have long campaigned for a fairer rates system, but for Labor and the Greens, unfair rates rises are just part of their DNA," Ms Lee concluded.