Labor-Greens Government fails to take out the trash


Thousands of Canberra residents’ usual garbage collection services have been disrupted over the past weeks due to a scheduled truck driver strike over a pay dispute. Forty Canberra suburbs have been directly affected, the majority of which are on the southside.

“Many Canberrans are already suffering with cost of living pressures under this government’s expensive rates regime. The least the government can do is ensure that these basic services are provided,” Shadow Minister for City Services Nicole Lawder said.

“Canberrans work hard and shouldn’t have to be carting their rubbish around to drop off sites because the government fails to deliver the most basic services.

“Not everyone is physically able to drop off their garbage, nor does everyone have a vehicle to do so and it is disappointing that the government hasn’t made alternative options for these residents.

“Less than one month into this new Labor-Greens Government and they can’t even ensure that residents’ garbage gets collected. Basic government service standards continue to fall and of course, it’s mostly the southside that once again suffers the consequences,” Ms Lawder concluded.