New Leadership Team


The Canberra Liberals have today elected Elizabeth Lee as the Leader and Giulia Jones as the Deputy Leader of the Canberra Liberals.

This is a fresh new beginning for the Canberra Liberals and the ACT community.

“I am passionate about bringing people together and doing everything I can to ensure Canberra lives up to its role as the national leader,” Ms Lee said.

“My team and I will connect with Canberrans from all walks of life so that we can put our best foot forward at the next election. We will be passionate advocates for all Canberrans.

“I am proud to lead a diverse team who bring together many life experiences and cultural backgrounds.

“Regardless of who people voted for, we will be a voice for all Canberrans and ensure that the Labor-Greens Government is firmly held to account and that our community always comes first.

“I am committed to making Canberra the connected capital; bringing people together; so that in 2024, we can deliver to Canberra the government it deserves.

“I thank Alistair Coe and Nicole Lawder for their leadership in the last term and look forward to continuing to work with them to serve the people of the ACT.

“We are committed to holding the Government to account and already in negotiations the Labor Party have put many of the Government’s commitments in question,” Mrs Jones said.

“We have each fought hard for our electorates for many years and have a proven track record in our portfolios. I look forward to the challenges ahead and supporting Elizabeth and our fantastic team,” Mrs Jones concluded.